Rarity 6★, 5★, 4★, 3★, Event
Mechanics Teleport, Opponent Movement, Twofold Random
Use ConditionA player is nearby by 7/5/3/2 blocks
Status Effect No
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersLynnway, Sophia
Release DateFebruary 17, 2016

You Come or I Go was an event skill card for the Pirate Invasion Event. It was only available from promotional Skill Packs or Craft.

Select a character within 7 blocks, and bring character to my location or move to selected character's location.

Strategy Edit

  • This card is similar to Drag or Pull and Pursuit except it's a random chance. You cannot choose it.
  • In the middle-game, there are many opportunities where both outcomes are favourable.
  • In the end-game, when you don't have the pull / drag card needed to end the game, this card can often apply its effects quite reliably (half the time).

Gallery Edit


The promotional poster.

Art you come or i go

Official artwork

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