Rarity 6★
Mechanics Forfeit City, Taking Joy
Use Condition2 cities in possession
Status Effect Buff (multiple rolls)
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersDoria, Raven

Winning Move is a strong Skill Card that creates counter-play potential from an unfavoured board control. It could be temporarily obtained from Special VIP Dream Pack.

Donate 2 of my cities to a random opponent, and get 150% toll fee hihi when landing on the opponent's city within 1 turn.

Mechanic Edit

A random City in possession is donated to a random opponent. Then, a random City in possession is donated to a random opponent. If you do, this turn, you get "when I land on a city, I steal 150% JOY from the owner of the property".

This effect overrides toll paying and may bankrupt such opponent directly. Additionally, the effect will only activate when landing on cities and not vacation spots.

Strategy Edit

  • Convert your opponent's board advantage into yours for the current turn! The more deadly the city you land on is, the stronger the effect of the card.
  • As you cannot control which cities are donated, you should use it when there are already hostile expensive cities in sight.
  • Combine with Dice Control to make sure you can use the turn advantage well. It does not last as the turn ends but the cost does, so if the move doesn't get you the upper hand it becomes more dangerous to drag on the game as you lost two cities which your opponent correspondingly gained.
  • If you get a Dice Double, you can use teleporting Skill Cards to chase expensive cities.
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