Wild Compass66

Wild Compassdude

Rarity 6★, Cool Summer, 5★
Mechanics Opponent Movement, Movement, Twofold Random
Status Effect Buff (multiple rolls)
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersSharon
Release DateFebruary 19, 2016

Wild Compass was a skill card in the Pirate Invasion Event map. it was added for the second part of the event and removed for the third part.

It can be obtained from Premium Skillcard Draw or combining.

For 1 turn, selected character will roll less than 2 and move forward or backwards.

Strategy Edit

  • This skillcard can be used on your opponents or yourself.
  • Wild Compass can be used on Fortune Road to take or safely land on Berlin, or receive another one of Fortune Road's bonuses.
  • It can be used to take a property above or behind you.
  • This can get you out of Misery Road by chance, or you land forwards into one of the misfortunes.
  • Use it on an opponent surrounded by your properties.

Trivia Edit

  • The old name is "Compass Gone Wrong," but it was changed to Wild Compass.
  • Sharon is holding a malfunctioning compass which seems to be bursting into pieces.

Art wild compass

Official artwork

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