"Code number GL-716, initiating" - Violet

Violet is a special agent, having a mission to remove the Midas Group.

Violet is a Joker Character. This means she starts out as ★5 only and has a Joker Skill. Violet is currently depicted in 0 skill cards.

Stats Edit


Common icon star gold 5



6 Star


6 Gold


6 Gold+

Start Money Bonus 175 192 169 178
Cheaper Jailbreak Cost 169
Mini Battle Payout ↑ 175 191
Tax Discount 176 183
Toll on Vacation Spots ↑ 183 192
Toll on Cities ↑ 186 191

Passive Skills Edit

Grade Ability
★6G and higher
Increase toll on landmarks and properties
Cancel Takeover Certificate (1 Time)
Cancel Summoning with Retribution and Reverse Retribution
Special Discount Cancellation
Cancel Charming Bubble

Joker Edit

Grade Joker Card Effect
★5D and ★6 I Got You! Selected opponent pays extra 200% toll for 1 turn(s)
★6G Don't Move! Selected opponent pays (an) extra 250% toll for 2 turns. Decrease the opponent's Good effect chance by 50%
★6G+ Don't Move! Selected opponent pays (an) extra 300% toll for 2 turns. Decrease the opponent's Good effect chance by 60% and increase the chance of landing on ally's city by 75%

Quotes Edit

Greet:"Code number GL-716, initiating"
Provoke:"Abnormal activity in sight"
Happy:"Simple and successful mission"
Sad:"Ugh... Strategic... Retreat..."
Angry:"HQ, requesting bombardment in this sector"
Joker:"Abnormal activity in sight"
Property Takeover:"HQ, takeover has been successful"
Passing Start:"Proceed with code-2!"
Loan:"Requesting supplies for mission"
Build City:"Occupation complete"
Half Timer:"Foolish, like her"
End Timer:"Proceeding with mission"

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