aka Bunnie

  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is lazy student.
  • I am Female

WARNING: This is a former admin who edited here at the wiki. Her rights were renounced on April 17, 2020, from adoption via Famouslogos9098.

If you need assistance with anything, feel free to contact me through the message wall!

But I am not the JOYCITY Staff, so I cannot solve your technical issues.


Profile Decor
I am the (former) admin of Game of Dice wikia, not the founder. The Game of Dice wikia was abandoned until it was taken over by me through request. I'm a newbie at coding, so I apologize for any future mistakes!

I'm also juggling between the Game of Dice wikia and LINEPLAY Wikia, so I try to balance my schedule out for both of them.

Nicknames: Bunnie or Ori

Favorite Game of Dice Character: Isabelle, Kai, Lucy

My icon is the illustration in More and More.

Wikia Goals

The Wikia is always looking for helpers! This is the Wikia's current to-do list.

Goal Status
Characters Sprite Sheets (except Mary) and Japanese voice audio
Skill Cards Needs more strategies and images
Crafting System Need to add images and information! Cleanup. Lots of work in general..
Currency Needs reworking and more information.
Dice Looking good, nothing needed at the moment!
Events Need to add images and information! Lots of work in general..
Guild Looking good, nothing needed at the moment!
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