As Goods are equipped, they may be activated, but only when during the Triggering Phase and when the Limiting Conditions are met. The Trigger Condition determines when the Goods will be triggered.

The constant conditions are that:

  • The Limiting Conditions are met.
  • Within the same Triggering Phase, no preceding Goods of yours have been activated.
  • The % chance success rate of your Goods is in your favor.
  • If the Goods has a Max Usage count, within the current game, the goods may not have already activated for the number of times equal to it.

... Otherwise, it cannot be activated.

Conflicting Rule Edit

All Goods have a Triggering Phase, while some also have Limiting Conditions. If two Goods share the same Triggering Phase with an intercepting Limiting Condition, they are said to be conflicting; If one activates by meeting all Trigger Conditions, the other in a later order will not.

Different Player Rule Edit

During the same Triggering Phase, it may be possible that multiple Goods belonging to multiple players activate, as long as they all respectively meet their Trigger Conditions. For example, if there are multiple ghost cities on the board while a player goes bankrupt, multiple player's Peekaboo! may activate.

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