Rarity 5★, 4★ Trial
Mechanics Taking Joy
Status Effect Debuff (multiple rolls)
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersTora
Release DateMay 12, 2016

Super Counter is a Skill Card introduced in Freshest Skill Card Trial Ed. Giveaways! #2 event.

The English description doesn't make sense right now, so here's the translation based on another language set:

For two turns, selected opponent gets "when this character pays toll by landing on properties owned by the skill card user, pay extra money of 100% of all of previously stolen wealth with skill cards and receiving tolls from me. Then, this effect expires." (If this skill card is used on opponents who have not taken any wealth from you, its penalty by effect activation is effectively zero)

TL Note: The card doesn't actually limit the effect activation to the selected opponent's turn only, even though it seems to infer that from the English description.

Editor's Note: Even though the card says cities, it will trigger on any kind of properties.

Strategy Edit

  • Use it as a revenge to opponents who stole large amounts of my wealth.
  • Use it on opponents who are trying to get by by landing on cheaper properties to avoid bankrupt.
  • Use it to launch a combo with another skill card that forces them to land on my city.

Illustration Edit

Tora onion rings


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