Rarity 6★
Mechanics Tornado, Twofold Random (Teleport order), High Risk
Use Condition10 or fewer turns remaining
Status Effect No
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersStella
Release DateMay 26, 2016

Stormy Weather is a Skill Card introduced in the Collect and Craft ★6 Stormy Weather Event, and could be obtained from Crafting.

Move 2 random characters to Tornado, if remaining turn is 10 turn(s) or less.

Mechanic Edit

A random character is moved to the Tornado block. The landing is resolved, and the game may end by bankruptcy. If it does not, a random different character is moved to the Tornado block.

Either of these characters may include yourself, and definitely will be in the case that there are only two characters left. Your teammate may also be chosen.

Strategy Edit

  • When your opponent has the upper hand, use this card to attempt to give yourself an advantage in the form of a russian roulette.
  • Settle a long endgame to bankrupt your last-standing opponent early instead of allowing them to resolve it by last-minute wealth.
  • If you haven't loaned yet, you can use this card to gamble that your opponent will land on a high toll property of yours, to win it all back while taking the loan.
  • If your opponent have already loaned, use it to take their JOY from tolls and pressure them in the last turns.
  • Because the effect is powered by your properties, boost toll on your properties with toll boosting cards such as I See Gold! to improve the expected payout of the effect.
  • As you may land on your opponents' properties, you can also takeover them under this effect (assuming you don't go bankrupt).
  • Suicide to escape a losing game in hopes that you land on a relatively cheaper property to lose less.
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