Steal Property+

Steal Property


Rarity 5★, 100Day, Cool Summer
Mechanics Defensive, Takeover
Status Effect Buff (single roll)
Obtainable Yes

Steal Property is a Skill Card that is obtained by tapping on the Skill Card tab for the first time. It's a free card given to you during the tutorial.

Steal the next arrived property.

If you arrive on another player's property while this Skill Card is in effect, you will steal it without paying toll regardless of how high it is.

You can only use it for one dice roll turn.

Strategy Edit

  • Use it when the opponent has a row of high toll properties which you may land on, you're not guaranteed to land on them but you'll be safe if you do.
  • "Steal Property" can turn the tide of the match by stealing the opponent's most powerful property.
  • You can use this if you land on Misery Road. Try landing on Tornado to randomly land on one of your opponent's properties to steal it.
  • This can counter Skill Cards that modify your dice, like God's Judgement and Speeding.
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