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In general, update the Game of Dice wikia with new info, revise, and add on to pages with more information and strategies.

It is highly recommended you are familiar with Game of Dice before editing anything.

Share your knowledge and strategies for noobies and confused players! You can add onto these pages:

  • Skill Cards requires lots of help from experienced players! Look at Article Stubs for pages that desperately need more info and deckbuilding tips.
  • Gameplay and Strategy needs more ways to use certain skill cards, and how to build a deck.
  • Are you familiar with the game features? Check out Game Features and see what needs to be revised / added on.

The following Characters need quotes. Please add it in word for word, exactly how it shows up in-game. Emote spamming can be done in Practice Match solo. For off-match quotes, tap on your character in the Lobby until they say a unique quote.

If you know how to record in-game sound clearly, then we'd appreciate if you recorded in-game music and character voices. Please contact Admin for pages that require this if you are interested!

Rendering images would be a great help. You only need some Photoshop or any editing program basics. Make sure the image is PNG file to keep transparency! The quality of the photo should be the best it can be and no jagged edges around the picture.

  • Skill Cards require some updated photos (removing old Hologram skill cards and 6-star). Be sure to sharpen it with an editing program after cropping because Wikia tends to blur images on the infobox.
  • Characters need Sprite Sheets for each character besides Mary. It should include some of their unique poses and property model.

Coding templates that can be visible on both computer and phone would be helpful. This needs coding and Wikia understanding. The Game of Dice wikia would appreciate this!

You can also contribute by offering your feedback in page comments and communicating with other competitors. Visit the Forums to create a thread for help, suggestions, or discussions.

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