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Slow Card

Rarity 6★, 5★
Mechanics Opponent Movement
Status Effect Debuff (multiple rolls)
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersBlack Rose
Release DateDecember 22, 2015

Slow is a skill card that can be obtained from Combining or Premium Skillcard Draw.  

Selected opponent will throw one dice on the next turn and it will be less than 2/1.

This card is strong because of the strong control factor, especially with the introduction of the 6★ version, however it can be removed with a buff, which makes it weaker than Push.

Strategy Edit

  • The description is confusing, but your opponent can roll a two or one. (6★: they can only roll a 1)
  • Make sure your properties cover the blocks ahead of them so they can't escape even if they roll one or two.
  • Slow is best used when two of your high-toll properties are right next to them.
  • You can use it if they're near Jail, but it's not very effective unless you have Divine Punishment. Opponents in Jail can easily stall to avoid your properties or they're waiting until you land on their high-toll buildings.
  • This can be used to move your opponent onto Misery Road, or if they're on Donation Angel. If they're on Donation Angel, then if they dice roll one with Slow they'll get stuck with Tornado.

How to Counter Edit

  • This card can easily be countered. It's a dice modifier card, so overwrite the effect with Haste, Triple, ETC.
  • The effect wears off if your opponent goes bankrupt before its your turn.
  • Skill cards that teleports you (such as Support Fund or Pursuit) can put you into an advantageous position with the steadily lower dice roll.

Trivia Edit

  • Black Rose is in the illustration for this Skill Card. She's in an unknown snowy area, clutching onto her sword.
  • It used to be an event-exclusive card for the 2015 Christmas Map Event, but it was released to freely obtain later.

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Official artwork

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