Types of Matches Edit

1 vs. 1 vs. 1 Matches Edit

In some maps such as Original, Mysterious Mansion, or any maps that has a Fortune Road and Misery Road (with the exception of Genius League Map) you play against 2 other opponents and the goal is to be the last one standing or to have the most JOY before the Turn Timer reaches to 0.

The type of Mini-game you can play here are either the Sun/Moon Guessing Game or The Cup and Ball Mini-game

You can play this type of match in some Duel Maps via Friendly Mode

Duel Matches (1 vs. 1) Edit

In Duel Matches, you and a single opponent fight until the last one is standing or have the highest joy before the game ends. This type of match is fast-paced and especially on Tournaments and the maps with a heart layout (meaning no Fortune or Misery Roads)

The types of Mini-game you can play here are Sun/Moon Guessing Game (Can be only played on older maps and/or in Friendly Only), Rock! Paper! Scissors! Mini-game, Cup and Ball Mini-game.

Most Duel Maps (with the exception of Genius League and Frozen Village Map) have this Heart Layout for the fast-paced gameplay. Again you can play in other maps in this mode using the Friendly Mode but if you are lucky play in tournaments

Four-Way Battle (1 vs. 1 vs. 1 vs. 1) Edit

This mode can be applied to ALL maps in FRIENDLY ONLY, as this mode can be the most chaotic and time-consuming mode in the game. Depending on what map you are in depends on how hard you can get properties here (For example: If you are playing in a heart layout map then be prepared to get little to one properties, uncommon to get no properties)

A strategy is to eliminate opponents via JOY Steal Cards and get their properties, or steal the other opponent's properties via Certificate and Steal Property Cards then defeat the opponents

The type of Mini-game can be played here is Cup and Ball Mini-game,

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