Rarity 5★, 6★
Mechanics Opponent Movement, Taking Joy
Status Effect Debuff (single roll)
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersRaven. Lynnway

Shiver me Timbers! is a skill card that can be obtained from Premium Skillcard Draw or combining.

Selected opponent will step on opponents' property by 50% chance on next dice roll. (sic)

Selected opponent gets "Lands on opponents' property" as a debuff, and when they roll the dice, there is a 50% chance that the effect is triggered and modifies the resulting dice roll such that they land on a hostile property and pay toll.

The debuff is for one roll and will not persist over the entire turn, even if the effect is not triggered.

Strategy Edit

  • Use it on opponents who have many expensive properties in front of them.
  • Use it to remove an active buff from an opponent, or force them to use a Dice Modifier skill card.
  • Use it to limit the possible rolls of the selected opponent so they cannot land on advantageous blocks.

How to Counter Edit

  • Use another Dice Modifier skill card to clear the debuff.
  • Use Dice Control to land on a cheaper property as well as use the chance to takeover it.


  • The card was nerfed to 50% success instead of 100% success when released in the Skillcard draw. It was previously a 100% success rate card when it was only playable during the Pirates/Navy Event.
  • During the event, there was no animation for the effect activation sequence. However there is one now, and a question mark will appear above the opponent if the effect is triggered.
  • There was a bug where it was actually 100% chance but the card stated 50%. It is now fixed and Shiver Me Timbers! will be a 50% chance as stated.

Original Artwork Edit

Art shiver me timbers

Official artwork

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