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"My creations are in use...? ... Fantastic!" - Sharon

Sharon is a scientific genius and advanced human science by decades. She decides to join the league to further her research. Sharon is currently depicted in 10 skill cards.


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3 Stars
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4 Stars
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5 Stars




Start Money Bonus 43 57 80 97 126 139
Cheaper Jailbreak Cost 49 63 94 102 120 115
Mini Battle Payout ↑ 41 54 72 75 82 100
Tax Discount 27 60 80 91 95 104
Toll on Vacation Spots ↑ 4★ or higher only 66 79 85 100 115
Toll on Cities ↑ 5★ or higher only 5★ or higher only 75 90 107 120


Greet: "I have no time to play with you."
Provoke: "What's your problem?"
Happy: "It's nothing."
Sad: "No, no, no, no!!"
Angry: "I'm gonna kick your butt!"
Off-match: "Wow! My inventions are being used this well. I'm impressed."


  • Her pet robot is named "Monyuu", according to the Japanese version.
  • She is currently researching the Cameleon Dice.
  • Sharon's name is commonly misspelled as "Sharaon" in Craft menu.
  • She is the creator of the Electronic Dice by cloning Stella's psionic abilities.
    • According to Dr. Sharon, the dice can be deadly to living organisms due to the high energy condensed into it.


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