Rip-Off Ticket
Rarity 2★-5★
Triggering Phase Unique: Vacation Spot Acquisition
Max Usage 2
Stat increment per level
Mechanics Vacation, Toll Boost
Release Date April 14, 2016

My Vacation Spots toll fee increases by 70/50/30/10% with 25/20/15/10% chance when I conquer more Vacation Spots

Strategy Edit

This equipment triggers when I take a Vacation Spot by any means, no other preceding Goods have been triggered this roll, and it has not reached the maximum count of activation this game. All my Vacation Spots will boost its toll fee.

This toll boost will stack with any previous property toll boost effects, and apply to all Vacation Spots in possession when the equipment is triggered. If the Vacation Spot is destroyed or taken by other players, it will lose its boost from this equipment, but remains for other Vacation Spots I own.

It is more effective when you have many Vacation Spots owned, as the multiplier applies to all of them similar to the effect of Vacation Plan, but lasts throughout the game (almost).

As the Rip-Off Ticket triggers when a Vacation Spot is conquered but not when you land on them, it is an idea to use Monkey Dice or Xanel Purse along with it for more vacation power.

Counter Edit

Generally, Vacation Spots are cheaper in toll than Cities, so opponents who collect them while activating Rip-Off Ticket may introduce a safe block crisis. However, Vacation Spots are only a minority of blocks on the map and can be avoided with regular Dice Control.

Additionally, the multiplier is only multiplicative and only increases the toll fee in proportion to how expensive it already was. When vacation spots are lost, its level shrinks and along with the effect. Therefore, an action as simple as taking over Vacation Spots can dismantle their Vacation Spot power.

There are no Skill Cards to takeover Vacation Spots, with the exception of Steal Property.

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