"I am your worst nightmare!" - Reapercy

Reapercy is described in game as a "mysterious girl with a double personality."

Reapercy is a Joker Character. This means she starts out as ★5 only and has a Joker Skill. Reapercy is currently depicted in TBE skill cards.

Stats Edit


Common icon star gold 5



6 Star


6 Gold


6 Gold+

Start Money Bonus 156 124 140 150
Cheaper Jailbreak Cost 114 130
Mini Battle Payout ↑ 120
Tax Discount 95 105 115 128
Toll on Vacation Spots ↑ 118
Toll on Cities ↑ 143 128 142 160

Passive Skills Edit

Grade Ability
★6 and higher Increase Loan Fee
Get Bonus LP on Alice's Room Map
★6G and higher Cancel Girl Crush

Joker Skill Edit

Grade Joker Card Effect
★5D Checkmate Selected character pays 1.5x toll fee for 1 turn
★5D+ Checkmate Selected character pays 2x toll fee for 1 turn
★6G Golden Checkmate Selected character pays 2x toll fee for 1 turn
★6G+ Golden Checkmate Selected character pays 2.5x toll fee for 1 turn and decrease Goods effect chance by 30%

Quotes Edit

Greet:"I am your worst nightmare." *hiss*
Provoke:"I'm sorry but, you are just a weakling."
Happy:*Laughs manically*
Sad:"Cream, where are you?"
Angry:"Bite 'em, Cookie!"
Joker:"I'm sorry but, you are just a weakling."
Property Takeover:"Get lost, scum! It's mine now!"
Passing Start:"Where should we head next? The expensive ones of course!"

Trivia Edit

  • Reapercy's dogs are named Cookie and Cream.
    • Those dog names could be a meaning of Cookies and Cream, an ice cream flavor.
  • Reapercy is featured on an exclusive season 3 skill card called "Reapercy's Steal Property."
  • Reapercy speaks in two different tones of voice, depicting her split personality. In Passing Start voice line, her sweet voice questions while her aggressive voice answers.
  • Her Joker ability is based off the Skill Card: Curse

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