Push Anniversary

Rarity 6★, Cool Summer, 1st Anniversary
Mechanics Opponent Movement
Status Effect No
Obtainable Yes
Release DateOctober 12, 2015

Push is a versatile skill card that can be obtained from Premium Skillcard Draw, Combine, or Dream pack. It can be used both offensively or defensively, and has earned its place as the strongest high-end cards in the meta.

The 5★ version was delivered to all players logged in during 1st Anniversary Event (13/10-09/11).

Selected character will move 1 block backward.

1st Anniversary Version: Select a character within 7 blocks from my location to and from, and, Move 1 block back immediately.

Strategy Edit

  • You can push your partner or yourself to safety.
  • Push your partner or yourself onto Golden Ox or a city you want.
  • Push an opponent into your high-toll property.
  • This can be paired with Divine Punishment by pushing them into Jail and having a partner use Divine Punishment, assuming their turn is after your partner / before you.
  • This card is flexible and can be used in most situations.

Counter Edit

  • If you expect your opponent to have 5★ Push, avoid getting in range.
  • Use Body Oil for a chance to escape when targeted.

Trivia Edit

  • The effect of 1st Anniversary Push is based on 4★ Push in 富翁时代 (Fùwēng shídài, "age of the riches"), the Mainland China version of the game.
  • Push used to be a 5★ card. It was upgraded to 6★ during the 1st Anniversary Event, and 5★ Push owned by existing players would be converted to 6★ for free. However, due to a bug, players who owned both 5★ Push and 5★ Push (Cool Summer ver) would only have one converted, thus having two 5★ Push (one without anniversary label).
  • Due to a bug, users of 5★ could not target their own characters. It was later fixed.

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