Rarity 4★, Cool Summer, Mary
Mechanics Movement
Use ConditionA player is not on the same block as I am
Status Effect No
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersDoria
Release DateOctober 12, 2015

Pursuit is a Skill Card that can be obtained through Premium Skill Card Draw or VIP Crafting.

Move to the selected character's location.

However, you cannot select yourself or a character on the same block as you are on.

Strategy Edit

  • The card is situational. If your opponent uses Haste Gamble Deck or Mini Battle to bankrupt you then Pursuit is useless.
  • If a player is on Golden Ox, use Pursuit to steal the effect.
  • It can be used on Fortune Road if the character is on it. You will receive the same effects of the block they're on (except for Conquer City since they teleport away.)
  • You can dodge high toll areas by using Pursuit on a character who is on your property or your teammate's property, or a very low-toll property.


  • This card features Doria on the chase towards a suspect.

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