SPOILER ALERT: He's not released yet, but should be released soon.

He is a Premium Character, meaning he starts with 5* only. Prince is currently depicted in 5 skill cards.



Greet: "!"
Happy: "."
Sad: "."
Angry: "!"
Flavor (off-match):""
Half-timer: ""
Ending-timer: ""
Random: N/A

Japanese Version:

  • 挨拶: 
  • 挑発: 
  • 喜び: 
  • 悲しみ: 
  • 怒り: 
  • ホームでつつくと聞けるセリフ: 
  • 残時間小:
  • 残時間僅:
  • ボードにマスをセット中…:


  • Prince was in the Pirates Event, the original login screen, and opening cut-scene before his official release.
  • He is the second Premium male character released.
  • His full name is Edward Prince.
  • Edward Prince is the richest gentleman in the Midas Group.
  • Prince is an antagonist, using Ion for an experiment.
  • Prince is also the owner and host of the Genius League.


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