Rarity 6★, Cool Summer, Turbo, 5★, 4★, 3★
Mechanics Movement, Toll Boost
Status Effect Buff (multiple rolls)
Obtainable Yes
Release DateDecember 17, 2015

For 1 turn, arriving city receives the following buff <For 5 turns, current city's toll increases by 700/650/600/300/200%>

During this turn, when you land on a city or acquire one by the effect of landing, it gets "for 5 turns, toll on this city is boosted, and it is independent of whether the skill card user is bankrupt", and happens immediately before paying the toll and before the takeover phase. This effect is triggered for any effect of arrival, including (but not limited to) Pursuit, City Visit, Push and Ghostly Call.

Strategy Edit

  • Use it to create powerful cities with a safer (controversially) method compared to Festival.
  • Use it when taking over opponents' cities! The toll paid would be before the Power Build boost. Do however remember to hold Takeover certificates when using this skill, or it would be sorely wasted.
  • Additionally, try to land on a city instead of other blocks otherwise the effect will be wasted.
  • If you roll multiple times (by the effect of doubles or landing on crossroads), then you may create multiple power cities. (Of course, you still have to arrive at a city.)
  • Use Investigation as well if you would like to protect the power city during its time until you pass Start to raise its level and consequently its toll.


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