Rarity 6★
Mechanics Opponent Movement, Taking Joy
Status Effect Yes
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersDoria
Release DateMay 26, 2016

No Entry is a rare Skill Card introduced in the Chance to get New ★6 Skills! Event, and could be obtained from Crafting.

For once in 2 turns, selected character pays toll and move to my random property on first visit to my city by dice roll.

Strategy Edit

  • This card can be used when your opponent has a great chance to step on your properties, to trigger its effect.
  • It is similar to Shark Troops, but is harder to avoid because it triggers more easily.
  • This card may help to get a huge amount of toll fee as it will teleport the selected opponent to one of your cities.
  • As it lasts longer than one turn, it can combo with skills that move the opponent to your properties directly to trigger it.

How to Counter Edit

  • Use another Skill Card that removes the status effect such as Haste, Triple, ETC.
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