March 10, 2016 - April 13, 2016


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Select the Navy Strikes Back! Event map in the middle of the screen.

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There are new additions to this special map. The Naval Base and Pirate Hideout addition makes this map extremely dangerous. You can lose lots of JOY if you're not careful.

Naval Base Edit


Fortune Road has changed into the Naval Base where the Navy will give you reinforcements. The toll fees on your properties will increase when you land onto the Naval Base (up to Lv.10.) The first block on Fortune Road (Lottery) has changed to Go to START for this map.

Pirate Hideout Edit

Misery Road has changed into the Pirate Hideout where you invade a pirate base. Toll fees on your opponent's properties (including their teammate) will increase when you land onto Pirate Hideout.

Tips Edit

  • Dice Control is important in this event map to avoid the Pirate Hideout or land onto Naval Base.
  • Toll fees can become extreme in this map, so skill cards like Discount Coupon and Steal Property may save you.
  • Map of Fortune is great for avoiding opponent's properties and increasing your toll fee.
  • If you wish to get as much JOY from this event as possible, bring Toll Boost skill cards with you and try to max out your Naval Base level.

Trivia Edit

  • The Naval Base represents Kai while the Pirate Hideout represents Anthony.
  • This map is not listed currently in the Map of the Day rotation, but has been when it first appeared in the Cursed City update.

Video Edit

A video that explains Navy Strikes Back! Map's mechanics and the Dragon Dice.

Game of Dice - Navy and Dragon Dice!

Game of Dice - Navy and Dragon Dice!

by youTOB / johncruz02 of JOYCITY Forums

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