The National Tax Service block (more commonly referred to as the Tax block) is a block where the player is charged a cash fine amount based on the amount of properties they own.

The fined amount is equal to a portion of the Start Money multiplied by the amount of properties owned, then discounted by the Tax Discount character stat. The fined money goes to the Bank.

Because the Bank is only one block away from Start, it is often advantageous to teleport to the Bank with various means in the opening or middlegame to level up cities.

Strategy Edit

Skill Cards Edit

  • Tax Day forces a selected character to land on the National Tax Service, and higher levels of the skill card makes the character pay more.
  • Landing on Tax in the effect of City Tour will allow you to roll dice again.

Dice Effects Edit

  • Special Exemption may trigger when a player lands on the National Tax Service block and exempts the player from having to pay.
  • Loyal TaxPayer may trigger similarly, and in addition to an exception from paying Tax, moves the player to the Bank.

Goods Edit

  • Taxpayer's Trophy gives a chance to boost toll on cities when the player arrives on Tax. Even though it can only be triggered for at most two times every game, it is often sufficient to turn the Tax trouble into an opportunistic advantage.
  • Spring of the Poor lets the player roll again when landing on Tax. Because there are many properties in front of the Tax block, being able to conquer some of the empty ones in the early game is often advantageous.

Trivia Edit

  • The National Tax Service block was moved by a few blocks in the Pirate Invasion Event Map. It was closer to the Jail then.
  • The block was moved again in the Mysterious Mansion Event Map, and was then 9 blocks far from start (5 blocks to Jail).
  • The first block of the Misery Road teleports the unfortunate player to the National Tax Service.
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