April 14, 2016 - June 16, 2016

Mysterious Mansion

Mysterious Mansion Login Screen

Details Edit


The Mysterious Mansion Event Map comes with mechanics similar to the Navy Strikes Back! Event Map. This Event Map can be extremely dangerous because of the toll boosters, so be cautious.

Crimson Aura Edit


Crimson Aura increases the toll fee on your properties by 50%. A red swirling aura will appear every time you claim a property if you have the Crimson Aura effect. It is seven blocks far from Start, the same distance as the Golden Ox is from Jail.

Lunar Shift (Jail) Edit

Lunar Jail

Lunar Shift activates when a player lands onto Jail. It increases toll fee on all owned properties by 300% for three turns. Every time a person lands on Jail, the duration timer resets back to three turns, and its effect does not stack.


To take advantage of triggering Lunar Shift at will, you can equip Illegal Invention. Similarly, to counter opponents who are hiding in Jail, you can use Divine Punishment. You can pay or roll doubles to get out like regular Jail. Be very careful not to land on this if you don't have the majority of properties.

A dark purple swirling effect appears on every owned property upon activation.

Tips Edit

  • Use Illegal Invention to immediately get the toll boost. Not recommended if your opponent has more properties than you across the board.
  • Because of Lunar Shift, some players aim for jail purposely. Use Divine Punishment for opponents that do this. Make sure your teammate is not in jail either.

Trivia Edit

  • Doria's outfit in the Mysterious Mansion update is the same outfit from when Game of Dice was just released.

Story Edit

(Ion's POV)

The night is deep and the full moon is bright, I'm headed towards the "Mysterious Mansion to enter the Genius League.

"Welcome to MY league! I'm Edward Prince! The richest gentleman of Midas Group!"

It's the symbol of Shadow Troops by Dr. X! I knew something strange was going on around here!

This mansion is full of secrets and I must tell the others.

"Too late...! You will be born again with the new powers of "Project-X"!"

Is... this the power of "PROJECT-X"...? I will crush the Genius League into pieces!

Video Edit

Game of Dice Welcome to the Mysterious Mansion!

Game of Dice Welcome to the Mysterious Mansion!

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