Missions are quests that refresh daily and rewards the player with items upon completion. Clearing missions is a steady way to gain Entry Tickets for crafting, and sometimes encourages users to spend gems.

Daily Missions Edit

The Daily Missions are under the "Today's Mission" tab. They refresh daily at 7:00 PST and include:

Win 1 time(s) in Grand Slam ChannelBadge Holder
Win 3 time(s) in Grand Slam ChannelBadge Holder
Play at JOIN A TABLE 5 times
Pro Entry Ticket × 1
Use 20 Gems
Gems × 10
Draw dice fragments 1 time20,000 Gold
Play Team Match at JOIN A TABLE 1 timesPremium Skill card x2
Play Singles Match at JOIN A TABLE 2 times30,000 Gold
Combine skill card 1 time10,000 Gold
Draw character 1 time10,000 Gold

Event Missions Edit

Event Missions are present when there is an event. Most often they will be described in an event promotional poster (the ones that circulate through the banner in the lobby user interface) with the note "(see missions)".

There is another kind of event missions, which come at random times and give push notifications to the users. Generally they involve playing a few games, or using gems to get some gems.

Consecutive Missions Edit

Every day some Consecutive Missions may be present. These missions often come in sequences, where completing part of them will unlock the rest. They will be present when there is an event, and these may span across multiple days. It may also be the case that these mission would belong to Event Missions otherwise, but are placed in this tab because they are consecutive across days in nature.

Examples include:

  • Weekend item showers
  • Repeatable gem-spending events
  • Daily play amount missions
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