Rarity 6★, Cool Summer
Mechanics Opponent Movement
Status Effect Yes
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersIsabelle
Release DateJune 2, 2016

Mirror Mirror is a new Skill Card premiered in Play Store preview images.

Bring every opponent within 6 block(s) back and front, when landing on my city.

Strategy Edit

  • Magically pull and drag nearby opponents onto you when you land on a city. With moderate toll boosting, you can collect massive amount of toll with one roll!
  • In addition to toll boosting, it can also be used in combo with toll penalty boost cards like Curse and More and More.
  • It is more powerful than Pull and Drag as, in addition to affecting every opponent, your opponents cannot flee from a successful setup: Both landing and bringing them to the block you are on happens on the same turn.
  • When you have an opponent to target prepared, land on your cities at a 6 block range (at 12 blocks in total) from them to trigger the effect.
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