Mary Lure1

Mary Lure2

Rarity 6★, 5★
Mechanics Opponent Movement, Teleport
Status Effect Yes
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersMary

Mary's Lure is a Season 2 Skill Card.

Select an opponent. For 2 turns/on the opponent's next dice roll, if the character lands on their city, move that character immediately to your random property.

Strategy Edit

  • Use it to ensure a victory on late game.
  • Discourage your opponent from landing safely onto their cities.
  • It is similar to No Entry except they cannot avoid your city even if they land on their property safely.

How to Counter Edit

  • Overwrite the Status Effect with other Skill Cards such as Haste, Triple, ETC.
  • There are certain Goods that can overwrite or remove Status Effects too, such as First Aid Kit and Angel's Wings.
  • If you land onto Jail, you can stay in there through Dice Doubles and wait until the effect is gone.


  • Mary's appearance could be referencing the Witch in the fairy tale Snow White that gives Snow White a poisoned apple.
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