"Magic, a power full of mysteries.." - Mary

Mary is one of the characters you can choose when you're playing the tutorial for the first time, besides Ion.

She's the top graduate of the Magic School. The secrets of her magic have not been revealed and remains as a mystery.

Mary is currently depicted in 7 skill cards.

Stats Edit

3 star2
3 Stars
4 star2
4 Stars
Five Star2
5 Stars




Start Money Bonus 42 60 75 98 111 135
Cheaper Jailbreak Cost 48 75 120 135 155 125
Mini Battle Payout ↑ 30 48 62 60 64 85
Tax Discount 40 51 70 70 80 105
Toll on Vacation Spots ↑ 4★ or higher only 63 66 88 100 110
Toll on Cities ↑ 5★ or higher only 5★ or higher only 87 89 120 133

Quotes Edit

Greet:"Let's go!~"
Provoke:"So, you like the cities I have built, huh?"
Happy:"For Mary Chester!"
Sad:"Aww c'mon, give me another chance~"
Angry:"Don't treat me like a child!"
Off-match:"Magic, a power full of mysteries.."

Trivia Edit

  • Mary's full name is Mary Chester.
  • Mary was the first character designed and went through the most changes.
  • According to JP Game of Dice, Mary has joined the league to find her missing brother.
  • According to her angry reaction phrase, she doesn't like being treated like a child.
  • Mary's Japanese voice actor is Kana Ueda who also voices Doria, Rica, and Stella.
  • Seonghyeon Han, Project Director at JoyCity, says his favorite character is Mary, saying that she's adorable.
  • Her "Cheaper Jailbreak Cost" stats remain higher than her other stats until Diamond.
  • Mary's artwork has an older version that was adjusted later on. The color of her eyes were changed along with her nose.

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