Lost City

Lost City Event Map has a feature that allows every match to be unique. There are four 'Change Blocks' that randomly change its effects randomly. The player will get one unowned city when it is their turn until all the cities are owned.

The Skill Cards are on the bottom left side of the screen so you can see the whole map clearly.

Change Block effects include Steal City, Takeover Certificate, Tornado, Super Play, Warp, Minibattle, and Donation Angel. The effect will change when a player lands on it.

Whenever you land on any Change block, the multiplier of the Particle Charging Block will increase by one. The multiplier on the Particle Charging Block will be applied to all your properties as a toll boost for 5 turns when you land on it.

This Event Map does not contain a Misery Road or Fortune Road.

Charging Block Effects Edit

  • Donation Angel - Donate one of your owned cities to a random opponent
  • Tornado - Immediately move to a random opponent's city or vacation spot and pay toll.
  • Super Play - Teleport to a city of your choice to apply a toll boost on it. If you do not pick in time, it will choose one of your owned cities randomly.
  • Warp - Teleport to a random block. It is possible to teleport onto Warp block again.
  • Minibattle - The player who lands on Minibattle becomes the host. The host picks a coin. The opponents will have to guess between a Sun and Moon coin. The opponent whose coin matches the host's coin gets JOY.
  • Takeover Certificate - Player who lands on [Takeover Certificate] will acquire one additional takeover certificate.
  • Steal City - Steal one of your opponent's owned cities. You do not get to choose which city you want to steal.
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