"I'll defeat you before the dumplings get cold!" - Ling Ling

Ling Ling is Genius League's new contestant! A cheerful girl who works as a part-timer in a dumpling shop, she is often seen accompanied by her pet panda.

She is a premium character, meaning she only starts with 5*

Ling Ling is currently depicted in 3 skill cards.


Greet:"Ni hao!"
Provoke: "I'll defeat you before the dumplings get cold!"
Happy: "Ahaha~ This is so much fun!"
Sad: "It's not too late!"
Angry: "You can do it!"


  • Ling Ling is a starter character in the Chinese version of GoD called "Age of Riches." You can choose between Ion or Ling Ling instead of Mary.
  • Ling Ling is the first and only Diamond Character with a "Plus" version. She does not have a joker.


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