Rarity 6★, Puzzle, 5★
Mechanics Toll Boost
Use ConditionStanding on a City
Status Effect No
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersAnthony, Mary
Release DateFebruary 11, 2016

King of Pirates is a skill card that can be obtained through Premium Skillcard Draw or combining.

For 3 turns, current city's toll increases by 800%, but the city will be destroyed after 3 turns.

While this card is extremely dangerous, if it's not used correctly then it will be wasted. Make sure to use this wisely with a strategy in mind!

Strategy Edit

  • Create a powerful city where you are landing on, and is useful if it belongs to you or your team.
  • Use it if you are sure that your opponent will land on it, for example under the effect of Single, Slow or Shiver me Timbers!.
  • This skill card can be paired with Drag or Pull to guarantee the enemy will land on your affected property, assuming that you can land on it again, or team effort is involved in this combo.
  • Use it when there aren't many turns left so it doesn't really matter if the city is destroyed.

How to Counter Edit

  • You can use Steal Property, Interception, or anything to steal away the property. If you steal it away, the toll boost will still be there.
  • You can use Discount Coupon if you're afraid to land on it. If you have a Takeover Certificate, even better.
  • It's possible to use Blackout, or Cool It Ox If they have Golden Ox, to prevent paying toll when landing on said city.

Trivia Edit

  • The 5★ skill card was nerfed. It used to be 1000% but it was too overpowered. The 6★ version was given 1000% instead.

Full Image Edit

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