As the celebrity of the Donut Planet, the dice was created by everyone living in the Donut Pond. It is known that the dice doesn't sink underneath when it is rolled above water, but why would they have made this ability? Rumor is told that everyone's eyes were opened wide after seeing the dice skipping water.

  • Currently has Dice Control +20 if 5★ or higher.

Crafting Cost Edit

Rarity Fragments Gold
3★ 250 490,000

Dice Stats Edit

Dice Effect Details
Trigger %
Dice Control
Dice rolled matches the number where ROLL gauge stops
Vacation Season Bonus
Increase toll fee by x0.5 when landing on my Vacation Spot
Good Bye Ox
Roll dice again when arriving on Golden Ox
Blessing of Ox
Increase toll fee on a random city in possession by x1 when landing on Golden Ox

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