The JOY Mall is where you can spend your JOY earnings. You can spend it on gold, characters, skill cards, a limited time skill card or character, or VIP items.

The limited time skill card is priced at 30B / 50B, and gives a specific skill card of random rarity between ★3 to ★5. The limited time character is priced at 20B, and gives a specific character of random rarity between ★3 to ★5. However, if it is a Premium character, the rarity will be of between ★5 to ★5 Diamond and cost 90B.

Purchasing in bulk is generally better, with the strange exception of purchasing 3 Skill Card tickets being more expensive per ticket.

Limited Shop Edit

Item Cost Count Event Period
Ember of Growth 10B 2 4/13 - 4/21, 4/22 - 4/30
4★ Skill Card 30B 1
4★ Interception 30B 1 4/13 - 4/21
★5 Character Ticket 50B 1 4/13 - 4/29
★4 Rica 15B 2 4/22 - 4/30
4★ Rainbow Party 30B 1
4★ Rapid Growth 30B 1


Amount Cost (in JOY)Cost per 1k gold
4,000 1B 250M
12,000 2B 167M
70,000 10B 143M
200,000 25B125M
600,000 50B83M
1,500,000 100B 67M


Amount Cost (in JOY)Cost per draw
2 Premium Character Tickets 5B 500M 2B 750M
3 Premium Character Tickets 7B 500M 2B 500M
4 Premium Character Tickets 10B 500M 2B 625M
5 Premium Character Tickets 11B 500M 2B 300M
6 Premium Character Tickets 13B 2B 167M
8 Premium Character Tickets 16B 2B
10 Premium Character Tickets 19B 1B 900M
15 Premium Character Tickets 26B 1B 733M
20 Premium Character Tickets 32B 1B 600M
30 Premium Character Tickets 42B 1B 400M

Skill CardsEdit

Amount Cost (in JOY)Cost per draw
1 Premium Skill Card Ticket 5B5B
2 Premium Skill Card Tickets 9B4B 500M
3 Premium Skill Card Tickets 14B4B 667M *
4 Premium Skill Card Tickets 17B 4B 250M
5 Premium Skill Card Tickets 20B 4B
6 Premium Skill Card Tickets 22B3B 667M
8 Premium Skill Card Tickets 27B3B 375M
10 Premium Skill Card Tickets 31B3B 100M
12 Premium Skill Card Tickets 34B2B 833M
15 Premium Skill Card Tickets 38B2B 533M
5★ Skill Card Ticket 250BN/A

VIP ItemsEdit

VIP LevelItemCost (in JOY) Relative Cost
VIP 34★ Skill Card20B N/A
VIP 4★4-★5 Character x390B 30B per character
VIP 54★-5★ Skill Card x3150B 50B per card
VIP 6★4-★5 Character x5130B 26B per character
VIP 74★-5★ Skill Card x5220B 44B per card
VIP 82.1M gold120B 57M per 1k gold
VIP 94★-5★ Skill Card x10350B 25B per card
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