Rarity 3★
Mechanics Defensive, Teleport, Jail
Use ConditionStanding on any block but Jail
Status Effect No
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersSharon
Release DateOctober 12, 2015

Illegal Invention is a skill card that can be obtained from Premium Skill Card Draw.

It immediately moves you to jail.

Strategy Edit

  • You can use this to stall in jail in the later parts of the match to avoid high-toll properties temporarily.
  • If your opponent has rows of properties on the lower part of the map, use this skill card to teleport and avoid the risk.
  • Move to jail to aim for Golden Ox since 7 is the easiest to get on Roll Gauge.
  • Use this to stall and wear off Dice Modifiers like Curse, Speeding, ETC. Be aware that this will not wear off God's Judgement since it will take money even if you didn't literally move.
  • Secret Passage, a Dice Effect found on Siren Dice and Jack O' Lantern Dice, gives you a chance to reach the Fortune Road when landing on Jail. This is a cheap alternative if you do not have Map of Fortune.
  • Moving to jail can skip half the lap if your opponent uses WANTED!! on you while you are near Start.

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