Hologram Symbol

Hologram Effects are time-based buffs found on Skill Cards and Goods that empower them during the Hologram Period. The Hologram Effect will be displayed on the item, with its description modified to reflect the empowered effect.

When browsed from the Skill Card Collections and the deck interface, their time to expire is shown along with its Hologram Effect. When a card with a Hologram Effect is used in-game, the time to expire is not shown, but only the effect itself.

When browsed from the Goods Collections or any interface that shows the Goods, and it is under an active Hologram Effect, it will be shown.

It is not necessary that a new Skill Card only has a hologram version. For instance, there may be a promotional Skill Card that can be obtained from both crafting, and combine and draw, where only the card obtained from crafting will yield a Hologram Effect. This is unlike hologram for Goods, where all of the same type will share the Hologram Effect.

Hologram Effects on Skill Cards that do not add onto the card effect itself will likely become Dice Control buffs instead. They are referred to as the Hologram Dice Control buff. Time for Revenge was the first to escape this pattern and has both effect and dice buff.

Hologram Effects on Goods improves their activation chance.

Dice Control Edit

Hologram Dice Control buffs are triggered when a Skill Card with Dice Control buff is used. It lasts the entire turn regardless of what Skill Card you use next, as it is not overwritten by buffs and debuffs.

They overwrite each other and do not stack; For example, if you use a 30% Dice Control hologram card and roll Dice Doubles, then use a 60% Dice Control hologram card, you get 60% Dice Control active.

Hologram Buff Edit

Hologram Buffs act as a buff that benefits the player without being an actual card effect buff. More specifically, it does not change or improve the effect of the card in its description, nor is it Dice Control. However, it applies a different effect on activation such that the penalty is boosted or an additional penalty is applied.

For example, Fetch had a Hologram Buff where the fetched player will pay 50% additional tolls.

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