Rarity 4★, Cool Summer
Mechanics Movement
Status Effect Buff (single roll)
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersStella
Release DateOctober 12, 2015

Haste is a Skill Card that is given in your default deck when playing a match for the first time. You can obtain it from Draw Skill Card as well.

When you use this Skill Card, you will roll a Dice Double, letting you have another dice roll.

Strategy Edit

  • Haste is best used early in the game to own more properties, but it has its uses later too. A common strategy used with Haste is to use Dimension Shift after using this to gain at least two to three properties with little turns.
  • Do a low dice roll with Haste if you're two - four blocks away from Golden Ox.
  • Use Haste when you're near START and do a high-roll to pass START which lets you quickly level up your cities and gain another turn.
  • You can escape from Jail since Jailbreak requires double dice.
  • Misery Road can be avoided with this unless it decides to end up as double ones.
  • In odd-numbered areas with dangerous properties, you can avoid them by rolling an even number.
  • Haste's purpose is to land you on Minibattle in the Haste Gamble deck.
  • This card is a dice modifier and can counter any other dice modifications used on you.

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