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Guide Missions are step by step missions for every account that rewards players for completing tasks to grow their account and learn the gameplay.

There are two sections: Growth Guide Mission and Game Guide Mission.

Growth Guide Missions[]

Growth Guide Missions is the default tab, with missions that guide you to improve outside of matches (via setup improvements in Characters, Dice or Goods).

1 Draw Character 3 times 2 Upgrade Character to Lv 5 3 Character Upgrade x1 4 Draw Skill Card 3 times 5 Leave rating at Skill Card Collection
Premium Character x1 Character EXPx3 Enforcer 5,000 Gold Platinum Skill x1 5,000 Gold
10 Enhance Dice 9 Draw Dice 5 times 8 Craft Item with gathered materials 7 Get a new Skill Card from Combine 6 Use Skill Card 5times in a Match
Premium Character x2 Music Box Dice Fragments x50 10,000 Gold Platinum Skill x2
Gems × 20
11 Activate Dice Effect 12 Enhance Character to Lv 15 13 Get ★5 or above Skill Card 14 Get ★4 Dice or above Skill Card 15
10,000 Gold Character EXPx3 Enforcer
Gems × 30
20,000 Gold

Game Guide Missions[]

Game Guide Missions help you in matches and encourage you to compete. It also guides you through some advanced features such as the Rankings.

1 Play by yourself at Practice Match 2 Play a match in Team Match 3 Play a match in Single Match 4 Win 1B JOY at a single Match 5 Win 3 times
3,000 Gold Start Money Bonus x3 City Conqueror x3
Pro Entry Ticket × 1
5,000 Gold
10 Play Winning Streak 9 Achieve 3 daily Missions 8 Receive GP Gift 7 Add 10 Friends 6 Win in Professional Channel
20,000 Gold
Master Entry Ticket × 1
10,000 Gold Premium Character x2
Gems × 10
11 Win in Master Channel 12 Win 10B JOY at a single Match 13 Receive


Ranking Reward

14 Play Guild Match 15
Platinum Skill x2 Goods x2
Gems × 20
Flame of Growth x 1