Rarity 3★
Mechanics Opponent Movement, Start
Status Effect Debuff (multiple rolls)
Obtainable Yes

Greenbelt is a Skill Card can be obtained through Draw Skill Card. This Skill Card can be useful at the right timing.

For five turns, passing START will not increase building level of the selected opponent.

Strategy Edit

  • It is highly recommended to wait until the opponent has one to zero cards left. This can be used early in the game where most people use most of their Skill Cards to swiftly gain cities. If you use it while an opponent has three Skill Cards, you will risk wasting it.
  • You can delay another character's building growth during the early stage of the game. This can distract the selected opponent from leveling their cities, letting you have an advantage.

How to Counter Edit

This card may seem powerful, but it's very easy to get rid of. It's a dice modifier, so you just need to modify your dice with something else. Any card that modifies your dice can get rid of this effect like,

  • Dice of Blessing
  • Triple
  • Haste
  • Day of Odds or Day of Evens
  • City Tour

...and more.

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