Goods are a form of equipment that grants a passive boost to the player throughout the game. Each player can equip up to 4 goods at a time. To use goods, a player must have at least 5 Levels to access the Goods feature, and more slots are unlocked:

  • Slot one: Account Lv 5
  • Slot two: Account Lv 8
  • Slot three: Account Lv 10
  • Slot four: Account Lv 12
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Goods can only be activated one at a time. If multiple of them are triggered in the same phase, only the one coming in front in order will activate. The order in which you equip your goods affect the order in which it is triggered, except for goods that only activate in the start of the game or during loan.

Goods have a relatively low starting limited storage space (at 20) which costs Gems to expand.

Like decks of Skill Cards, a restriction exists where there cannot be two or more of the same Goods equipped.

Goods List Edit

Name Description Max Usage Rarity
Mysterious Glove + 15/5% Dice Control with 20/10% chance at my turn (Hologram effect +30% chance) 3 4★-5★
Magic Marking Chance to block takeover by takeover certificate will increase by 35/25% and it will not be able to takeover for 3 turns (Hologram effect +30% chance) 3 4★-5★
Spring for the Poor Roll Dice again with 50% chance when landing on National Tax Service (Hologram effect +50% chance) 1 4★
Shoe of Hermes When rolling Dice at a non-buffed status, roll Double by 25/20/15/10% 1 2★-5★
Beginner's Headband By 25/20/15/10%, decrease toll fee by 60/50/40/30% when paying toll fee for the first time 1 2★-5★
Body Oil If targeted by opponent's moving skill during other characters turn, move to a random block by 20/10% chance 1 4★-5★
Emergency Call When opponent takeover a property using Skill Card, and it's not my turn, get 1 empty city by 30/20% 4★-5★
Fountain Pen By 25/20/15/10%, increase toll fee of 1 of my cities by 25/20/15/10% when landing on opponents' Lv 4 city 2★-5★
Peekaboo! Get 1 Ghost City by 25/20/15/10% when an opponent gets bankrupt 2★-5★
Rhythmical Dice If I'm not buffed on my turn, increase Dice Double chance by 8/7/6/5% for 25/20/15/10% chance 3 2★-5★
Rip-Off Ticket My Vacation Spots toll fee increases by 70/50/30/10% with 25/20/15/10% chance when I conquer more Vacation Spots 2 2★-5★
Penguin Ticket Roll Dice again by 25/20/15/10% chance when landing on START on Dice roll 2★-5★
Architect's Artbook Get Add Takeover x1 by 25/20/15/10% chance when landing on START on Dice roll 2★-5★
Hands of Comfort When opponent takeover properties using Skill Card and it's not my turn, get Add Takeover x1 by 25/20/15/10% 2★-5★
1st Dice License Get 40/30/20/10% of JOY from my Bank by 20/15/10/5%chance when dice roll is Double, and there is no buff on myself 2 2★-5★
Fresh Start Fireworks Increase Loan fee by 90/70/50/30% with a 25/20/15/10% chance when requesting Loan 1 2★-5★
Daddy's Purse Get 40/30/20/10% of Start Money from my Bank with a 20/15/10/5% of chance on every my turn 2 2★-5★
Mini Glass Ball Steal 15/10% of opponent's wealth by 15/10% when opponents land on the same block as I 2 4★-5★
Xanel Purse Vacation Spot toll increase by 70/55/40/25 with a 25/20/15/10% chance when landing on my Vacation Spot 2★-5★
Cheering Doll Start Item: Get extra 110/90/70/50% of Start Money with 35/30/25/20% chance from my JOY 1 2★-5★
Taxpayer's Trophy When landing on National Tax Service, toll fee on my properties increases by 70/55/40/25% with 20/15/10/5% chance 2 2★-5★
Voyage Log Resist Tornado effect by 25/20/15/10% when landing on Tornado 2★-5★
Walking Cane of the Riches When dice roll is 7 and there is no buff on myself, get 70/55/40/25% of Start Money by 25/20/15/10% chance from my JOY 2★-5★
Bomb Necklace By 20/15/10/5%, drop City Lv by 1 when landing on opponent's city without any buff 2★-5★
Jail Key By 25/20/15/10% chance, fee to escape Jail decreases 70/55/40/25% when selecting escape method 2★-5★

Enhancement Edit


Enhancement interface

Goods can be enhanced by consuming other Goods, which will contribute to the Enhancement Progress of the Goods being enhanced. When the progress meets 100%, the Goods gain a level, and its stats will improve. Enhancement costs are fixed at 15,000 gold per 2-star fodder, 30,000 gold per 3-star fodder, ? gold per 4-star fodder and ? gold per 5-star fodder.

Try not to enhance anything other than 4-star or above goods to avoid wastage. If you choose to use an already enhanced good as fodder, you will only get half of the EXP by levels you used and zero of the EXP the base good is worth. For example, a level 5 good would give 2 levels [(5-1)/2=2] to a new good of the same grade. A Level 1 Good is worth the same as a Level 2 Good as fodder. Note: the game does not give you extra EXP if you are level 5.75 etc

If you did enhance your 3★ or below goods already, don't waste gems on refining, but use them as material for enhancement to redeem half of the material spent.


Goods Enhancement EXP

You can also use Goods Enhancement EXP, which provide fodder that fills several times more than regular fodder.

Good being Enhanced Enhancement fodder
2★ 3★ 4★ 5★
2★ 50% 100% 200% 400%
3★ 25% 50% 100% 200%
4★ 12.5% 25% 50% 100%
5★ 6.25% 12.5% 25% 50%

Refinement Edit

Goods enhancement is for "refining" the Goods by gems, which re-rolls a random Goods of rarity of one star higher. It is recommended that you always (and only) refine 4★ Goods only, as it is one of the few ways to gain 5★ Goods (the only other ways being from events, spending Topaz and high Genius League Rankings)

It costs Gems to refine Goods. The costs for refining every respective tier is depicted below.

Grade Cost Result
2★ Lv.MAX
Gems × 30
3★ Lv. 1 (Any)
3★ Lv.MAX
Gems × 100
4★ Lv. 1 (Any)
4★ Lv.MAX
Gems × 150
5★ Lv. 1 (Any)
5★ Lv.MAX
Gems × 400
5★ Lv. 1 (Any)

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