The Golden Ox grants a buff of toll boost to all properties in possession of the player who conquered it.


The Golden Ox, as depicted in event maps during the Pirate Invasion Event Map.

The Golden Ox levels up every time a player lands on the Golden Ox block (up to Lv. 4), and the player becomes the new owner of the Golden Ox. This includes all causes of landing.

Level Toll Boost Toll Boost (Buffed)
1 x1.5 x2.5
2 x2 x3
3 x3 x4
4 x4 x5

When a different player than the current Golden Ox owner lands on Golden Ox, the buff applies for the new player and will be lost for the previous owner.

If the player in possession of the Golden Ox goes bankrupt, the buff clears, but the level of the Golden Ox remains.

Skill Cards Strategies Edit

Use Wind Jump to take the Golden Ox when you are near.

Use Pursuit to steal the Golden Ox immediately after another player lands on it.

Use Domino to steal the Golden Ox from your opponent if they are standing on it. It is even better if doing so prevents you from landing on the cities ahead.

Cool It Ox can be used when you do not own the Golden Ox (for instance, when your opponent steals it) and the high multiplier is starting to get dangerous for you, to get a safe turn.

Push can help both you and your team mate take the Golden Ox in a team match. Pull and Drag can give Golden Ox to your team mate, while leveling it up.

City Tour and Haste can give you a free roll after taking the Golden Ox, so as to prevent your opponents from stealing it with Pursuit.

Many players prefer to burn Hologram Skill Cards with Dice Control Boost for a higher chance to land on the Golden Ox.

Many players use U-Turn at Start, or to go to Jail by using Illegal Invention, for a higher chance to land on the Golden Ox. This is because the Golden Ox block is 7 blocks away from them, with 7 being the supposedly easiest roll.

Trivia Edit

  • The Golden Ox effects are narrated by a male voice.
  • The Golden Ox's scarf color changes according to which team took Golden Ox.
  • Toll boost effect applies for the team mate too.
  • The Dice Effect, "Goodbye Ox" from Dragon Dice, allows the player to roll again when landing on the Golden Ox.

Gallery Edit

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