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Game of Dice is a board game which allows you to manipulate your dice with Dice Control. Strategies are generally chosen with consideration for the Daily Effect. Standard maps consist of empty cities, but event maps may have ghost cities of level 1 to 3 instead of empty cities.

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All maps contain the following components: Start, Cities, Vacation Spots, Minibattle, Jail, Golden Ox, Tax, Bank, Fortune Road, and Misery Road.

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City tolls get higher as one progresses along the map, and are multiplied by their level. Color monopoly is established when all cities of the color are owned. Vacation spot tolls remain the same, but is multiplied by number of vacation spots owned.

For more information, see Main Rules.

Standard strategiesEdit

Generally, a player would try to maximize their Joy earnings, or maximize their win rate.

Dice ProbabilitiesEdit

For more information, please refer to the Dice Roll mechanic.

7 is the most common dice roll possibility before considering Dice Control. Choosing 2-4 and 10-12 for a chance of Dice Control has a higher probability of obtaining a dice double, which gives an extra turn.

Unorganized tipsEdit

  • Keep your takeover certificates for the two cities adjacent to the Golden Ox, so it is easier to land there for circumstances where you have not conquered it yet.

Secondary strategiesEdit



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