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Rarity 6★, Turbo, 5★, 4★, 3★, 2★
Mechanics Toll Boost, High Risk
Status Effect No
Obtainable Yes
Depicted Characters None
Release Date October 12, 2015

Festival is a skill card that can be obtained from Premium Skillcard Draw and Combining.

For 5 turns, increase toll by 600% on 2 random properties.


  • The card is extremely risky to use since it can affect your opponent's properties as well. It's not a bad toll booster if you have nothing better though.
  • If you have the majority of properties in the match, use this to lessen the risk of affecting your opponent's properties.
  • If you have the majority of properties, then adding this toll booster with other toll boosters can create deadly properties.
  • Use skill cards that steal properties such as Free For All and Interception to grab a boosted property.
  • This card is very strong in its effect with many lasting turns. However, as it doesn't cover many cities, it is often important that you have Pull or Drag to forcefully land your opponent on a boosted city, as your opponents can roll to escape.

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