4- ExcellentChoice

Rarity 6★, Mary, 5★, 4★
Mechanics Opponent Movement, Taking Joy, Dice Roll
Use Condition16 or fewer turns remaining
Status Effect No
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersDoria
Release DateJanuary 14, 2016

Move a random opponent to one of my property if dice roll is higher than 8/9/10 with less than 16 turns left.


  • Use it to remove debuffs placed on you.
  • After an opponent has just loaned, bankrupt them with the move to secure forced toll and possibly a big win.
  • Combo it with toll boosting cards such as Symbol of Wealth to improve the average and overall toll you can take!
  • Use Dice Control towards the largest range (10-12) to activate the effect. However, even if your dice fails, there is still a chance the range can be met with random roll. Overall, the success rate of EC is 71.1% for 60% dice control, and 53.78% for 36% dice control.


Art excellent choice

Official artwork

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