There will be new events that will affect maps or skill cards.

There are currently 11 Event Maps.

Event Maps Edit

Event Map Time Period
Christmas Event Map Dec. 2015 - Jan. 2016
PSY X Game of Dice Event Map Jan. - Feb. 2016
Pirate Invasion Event Map Feb. 2016 to Apr. 14
Navy Strikes Back! Event Map Mar. 2016 -
Mysterious Mansion Event Map Apr. 2016 -
Hello Kitty Event Map
Aquamarine Event Map
Youkai Castle Event Map

Crafting Event Edit

Event Time Period
Sweet Candy Day
Cherry Blossom Festival
April Fools' Event
Smell The Scent of Tulips Event
May you Craft in May Event

Skill Card Events Edit

Skill Card Events affect Skill Cards with a special label and temporary hologram effect boost.

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