A powerful Dice sealed with the power of Dragon. It may bring victory to the user, but when unleashed, nobody knows what may happen. Because of this reason, only the chosen one is able to use this powerful Dice.

It currently has a +20% dice control boost during the event period for 5 and 6 star Dragon Dice.*

Crafting Cost

Rarity Fragments Gold
3★ ?
4★ ?

Dice Stats 

Dice Effect Details
2★ 3★ 4★ 5★
Dice Control Dice rolled matches the number where ROLL gauge stops 24% ? ?* 40%*
Fortune Road Jump Move +1 block when arriving at Fortune Road 28% ? ? 42%
Danger means Opportunity Move to Fortune Road when arriving at Misery Road 26% ? ? 40%

Treasure Cube Info

Gems Gold JOY Gems
60 100,000 2B 30
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