Game of Dice x Sanrio Characters



Rarity 6★, 5★
Mechanics Golden Ox, Defensive
Use ConditionA player is owner of the Golden Ox
Status Effect No
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersGolden Ox, Hello Kitty

Doodling is a Skill Card introduced in Sanrio Characters Event, and could be obtained from crafting by collecting <Marker Pen> and upgrading to 6★ with <Pinky>.

Receive Golden Ox buff for 1/2 turn(s).

The Golden Ox gets "regardless of who the owner is, the Skill Card user will receive the Golden Ox buff instead" for 1/2 turn(s).

Use it to easily takeover properties with Golden Ox buff as the toll resumes to natural level, as the toll paid on said properties will be significantly lower than before. The effect does not acquire the Golden Ox and will not raise its level.

Use it to temporarily improve your properties' tolls, possibly to launch a combo with another Skill.

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