Rarity 5★
Mechanics Movement, Dice Roll, Opponent Movement
Status Effect Buff (single roll)
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersBlack Rose, Ion
Release DateNovember 18, 2015

Domino is a Skill Card that can be obtained through Premium Skill Card Draw.

One of the character met on the move will move the rest of the dice roll instead.

This roll, the first time you meet a character, stop at that block and move a random character on that block forward by the rest of the value of the Dice Roll.

Mechanic Edit

Firstly, if there is a character in range, the effect is activated and they are moved forwards, resolving all bypassed characters and blocks. If it does, your landing is resolved, and the game may end by bankruptcy. If it does not, the other character's landing is resolved.

If the character targeted has Body Oil, it may activate. If it does, the effect will intercept and resolve the landing of that player first instead.

Strategy Edit

  • This card has an Offensive and Defensive use.
  • Offensive: Push off an opponent when they have a high chance to land on your / teammate's property.
  • Defensive: You can use it when you have a high chance to land on your opponent's property, but there's an opponent in front of you.
  • If your opponent is on Golden Ox, use this to steal it and push your opponent.
  • Note that if you hit an opponent near Start to steal their city, they will pass Start first and the city levels up. This may introduce additional tolls paid, so beware!

Trivia Edit

  • Black Rose is pushing Ion in this illustration. This the second Skill Card that has Ion and Black Rose together, with the first being Resort Conquest.
  • Dominoes are playing tiles for the Domino board games similar to Playing Cards. Contrary to that purpose however, they are also used to be stacked and pushed over, causing the chain of tiles falling. The effect of this card is a reference to that.

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