Rarity 5★, 4★, 3★, 2★
Mechanics Defensive, Toll Decrease
Status Effect Buff (multiple rolls)
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersRica
Release DateOctober 12, 2015

Discount Coupon is a skill card that can be obtained from Premium Skill Card Draw.

For one turn, get 100% discount on toll.

Strategy Edit

  • You can reduce or avoid paying the toll of your opponent's properties.
  • Early-game or late-game, you can use this to takeover high toll properties while having a takeover certificate.
  • This can reduce the damage of Tornado on Misery Road.
  • Discount Coupon counters dice modifiers that can damage you like God's Judgement, Slow, ETC. It will overwrite the effect.
  • Because this effect lasts your entire turn instead of one roll, it is a stronger defensive card compared to other skill cards like Steal Property because it will still protect you after you roll again by double or landing on crossroads.

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