Dimension Shift

Rarity Unknown
Mechanics Teleport
Status Effect No
Obtainable Yes

Dimension Shift is a Skill Card that is placed into your default deck when playing for the first time.

Selected character will move to a random block.

The person using this Skill Card can select a character including yourself, your teammate, or the opponent. It will teleport them to a random block. The person selected can move after he landed if he's still alive.

Strategy Edit

  • This card is a risky move. It can land you anywhere, even on the current block you're on or Misery Road.
  • You can use it in the early game where you don't have a big chance to land on a dangerous high-toll property. You can use it right after Haste to let you gain another property. Alternatively, you could use it without Haste.
  • Escape from Jail or Misery Road with this.
  • If the person is trying to avoid your high-toll properties by stalling in jail, surprise them with a Dimension Shift. Hopefully, they don't land on Golden Ox or Fortune Road. (However, their odds of landing on Tax and Misery Road are just as large, so it's fine.)
  • It has its uses late-game. If you own the majority of the properties and there's a good chance they may land on it, use it on your opponent. In this aspect, this card is a cheaper (and unconditional) alternative to World Tour.
  • Use it after passing Start (or on Start) to reduce the distance it takes for the next lap, thus levelling up your cities faster.
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