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Dice Fragments are materials that are used to create and enhance Dice. In addition, Dice Fragments may be sold, such that unneeded fragments that are drawn can be recycled. For every Dice there is, there are Dice Fragments that correspond to it.


Dice Fragment Draw[]

Primarily, fragments can be obtained via Dice Fragment Draw:

Draw Fragments Cost Receive Amount
Normal Draw 20,000 Gold Dice Fragments Trivial
Premium Draw 30 Gems Premium Dice Fragments

(Stronger fragments occur more frequently)

VIP Draw

(VIP3 required)

60 Gems VIP Dice Fragments 40+
VIP Hot Deal Draw 90 Gems* Popular VIP Dice Fragments

(Draw from 4 VIP Dice fragments, +10 Luxury Points on event purchase)


The cost of VIP Hot Deal Draw is dependent on event, for example it may be 100/120 gems.

Some Event Missions may give some special fragments as a promotion for getting interest on a new dice.

Main article: JOY Mall

Deals to buy a specific type of Dice Fragments may appear in the JOYMALL or in the Powder Shop.

Discontinued fragments[]

The following Dice Fragments will not be obtainable from fragment draw:


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With enough gold and Dice Fragments, a Dice can be created and enhanced.

Fragment Storage[]


Dice Fragments are stored and accessed from the Fragment Storage. From here, they can be sold for gold and Mysterious Powder, which is received when vending regular fragments and VIP fragments respectively. VIP Dice Fragments are highlighted in green, and are shown before other fragments.

Main article: Powder Shop

Because selling VIP Dice Fragments is the only way to get Mysterious Powder, it is a big incentive to keep drawing them even after you have all the dices. They can be used to buy special items in the Powder Shop.

List of Dice Fragments[]

Name Type Vendor
White Dice Fragment Regular 50 Gold
Lovely Dice Fragment Regular 75 Gold
Rose Dice Fragment Regular 125 Gold
Music Box Dice Fragment Regular 125 Gold
Electronic Dice Fragment Regular 200 Gold
Cameleon Dice Fragment Regular 75 Gold
Blizzard Dice Fragment Ranking Reward 250 Gold
Crimson Blizzard Dice Fragment Ranking Reward 300 Gold
Blue Dragon Fragment Ranking Reward
Jack O' Lantern Dice Fragment Regular (Event) 200 Gold
Gift Box Dice Fragment Regular (Event) 200 Gold
PSY Dice Fragment Regular (Event) 300 Gold
Pom Pom Purin Dice Fragment Regular (Event) 100 Gold
Golden Dice Fragment VIP Mysterious


Siren Dice Fragment VIP
Magical Dice Fragment VIP
Monkey Dice Fragment VIP
Dragon Dice Fragment VIP
Noble Dice Fragment VIP
Hello Kitty Dice Fragment VIP
Kero Kero Keroppi Dice Fragment VIP
Cocktail Dice Fragment VIP
Blue Titanium Dice Fragment VIP
Trump Dice Fragment VIP
Shooting Star Dice Fragment VIP
Wintry Dice Fragment VIP
Youkai Dice Fragment VIP
Say Cheese Dice Fragment VIP
Spell Cube Dice Fragment VIP
Batty Dice Fragment VIP
Shiba Inu Dice Fragment VIP
Mr. Doo Dice Fragment VIP


  • Previously, a Daily Mission rewarded 20,000 gold (the cost of Normal Draw) for drawing Dice Fragments.
  • Previously, the order of the Dice Fragments in the fragments storage corresponded to when the dice were introduced instead.